Impact Investment

Impact Investment

GreenCollar is a leader in the environmental impact investment space. The growing impact investment market can provide capital investment, which addresses the world’s most critical environmental challenges, including sustainable agriculture, clean technology, ecosystem protection and restoration, watershed management and renewable energy.

GreenCollar provides innovative solutions to companies, organisations, Governments and institutional investors looking for demonstrable social and environmental gain alongside a financial return. These investments are intended to return principal and generate profit while also driving a positive impact on natural resources and ecosystems.

GreenCollar is expanding its work with individual landholders, community, industry and regional NRM groups to design impact investment solutions to meet local and individual needs. That might include retaining or restoring ecosystems to improve water quality in catchments draining to the reef where the cost of system repair in the contested, high value coastal landscapes has been prohibitive and progress remains glacial. Social and economic benefits will include broadening primary producer incomes to include carbon and other ecosystem service payments, supporting landcare groups struggling to fund ecosystem restoration and restoring income earning assets like the GBR or soil in agricultural landscapes.

There can be no question about whether we should or should not transform our society in the direction of sustainability. – Alan AtKisson

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