Head of International Offsets R&D

Head of International Offsets R&D

  • Newly created role
  • Autonomy and scope to create and implement project methodology from the ground up
  • Awesome working culture and team dedicated to the mission

Greencollar are continuing the journey to build out their international presence and offset projects with this newly created opportunity. You will be the driving force in the technical development of the end to end projects under environmental market standards for carbon, biodiversity, water and plastics. The mission is to reduce GHG’s or sequester carbon from agriculture, forestry and land use activities, with a focus on reducing deforestation and forest degradation. 

You will report directly to the Chief Science Officer whilst having the support of an amazingly talented technical team who will thrive on the opportunity to jump on board with your journey and learn new things.

More About the Role:

  • Lead technical development of international forest and land-use carbon credit projects
  • Develop baselines, estimate leakage and non-permanence deductions, developing monitoring and reporting plans
  • Work with internal teams to help create a high quality, high integrity portfolio with a focus on nature based solutions
  • Support technical due diligence of the projects
  • Help to identify and plan on-the-ground activities that support project development and implementation
  • Provide technical advice & expertise on the development and/or revision of new & existing methods and new market opportunities
  • Develop work plans and strategies for implementation of research and development opportunities across GreenCollar international initiatives
  • Establish, implement and monitor GreenCollar research and development strategies, policies and plans
  • Develop and implement research projects, priorities and targets to support international project opportunities, policy developments and market expansion
  • Manage client, stakeholder and collaborator engagement & communications 
  • Oversee development of risk analysis frameworks for project implementation & maintenance 
  • Develop project origination & rapid assessment tools to assist with identifying new project opportunities 
  • Coordinate development of reporting template and dashboards  
  • Guide and mentor other GC team members to build internal capability and knowledge on the international project framework

About you:

  • 7+ years in lead role technical role developing international projects and carbon accounting
  • Experience in working on nature based solutions
  • Deep technical understanding of Redd+ methodologies 
  • Knowledge of vegetation and water quality management solutions
  • Experience in collecting and analyzing remote sensing data, developing baselines and monitoring plans, estimating leakage and non-permanence risk deductions 
  • Experience as or serving with auditors to shepherd projects through validation and verification
  • Overseeing ongoing monitoring and reporting requirements 
  • Peer-review publications on topics relating to carbon (desirable)
  • Familiarity with diverse carbon market standards and project types such as Verified Carbon Standard Gold Standard, Clean Development Mechanism, Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+

Character & Attributes:

  • Holds yourself and others accountable to the highest in moral and ethical standards
  • Demonstrates ability to problem solve by implementing sustainable solutions
  • Curious and courageous in uncharted territory
  • Values working collaboratively and inclusively to deliver collective impact
  • Uses intellect and street smarts to think ahead, evolve ideas and push boundaries
  • Down to earth, purposeful and humble in your approach


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