Sydney, NSW – 18 November 2015

GreenCollar is pleased to announce the appointment of Raphael Wood as Head of Development Strategy. With over a decade in the business and investment sector and 5 years’ experience in government, Mr Wood is an exciting addition to the executive team at GreenCollar.

Mr Wood is one of Australia’s leading clean energy market specialists and brings strong expertise and passion for renewable energy and market solutions having spent the last 5 years with The Clean Energy Regulator.

“We are thrilled to have Raphael join our team. With his extensive experience in renewable energy and carbon markets and his strong business networks, Raphael will ensure that GreenCollar continues to be at the forefront of environmental markets, in particular meeting growing renewable energy market demand,” said GreenCollar CEO and co-founder James Schultz.

“GreenCollar continues to set the standard for innovative solutions to meet the challenges of climate change, at present expanding its operations into environmental impact investment, sustainable agriculture, collaborative research and the renewable energy markets,” he said.

Mr Wood said “I am excited to be heading up GreenCollar’s Strategy Division because there has never been a better time to turn the global commitment to tackle climate into real opportunities for the Australian environmental industry,”

“GreenCollar has built a strong reputation within the industry and with government as Australia’s leading carbon provider and I look forward to extending our reach into the renewable energy market,” he said.

Co-founder and Director Lewis Tyndall said “today’s announcement strengthens GreenCollar’s commitment to innovative solutions and the role of environmental markets in tackling climate change.”

About GreenCollar

GreenCollar is leading Australia, and the world, in providing an environmental markets-based approach to climate change. The company is a highly regarded investor in Environmental markets and advisor to Government bodies, NGOs and research groups involved in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. GreenCollar have project managed some of the world’s largest sustainable land management and carbon forestry projects across Australia, South-East Asia, the Pacific & Africa.

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