James is the Chief Executive and Co-founder of GreenCollar. James’s interests and expertise lie in exploring how environmental markets can offer innovative solutions that lead to real environmental, economic and social outcomes. He has used his skills all over the world, working across a range of organisations including the World Bank, the African Union and the United Nations’s Food and Agriculture Organisation.

James is a highly regarded advisor to government departments and organisations. He has been involved in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, environmental markets and natural resource management. James has presented at high profile conferences including the Global Carbon Expo and annual UNFCCC climate talks, as well as at regional events such as the annual Carbon Market Institute and New Zealand Carbon Expo.

Most recently James’s passion for frontier industries has led him to set up Earth Space Robotics, which invests in start-ups focusing on space exploration. He is also adding a Masters in Astronomy to his existing degrees in Anthropology and International Relations