By Lenore Taylor
The Guardian
May 27, 2016

For years Greg Hunt has been suggesting different things to different people about his climate policy. This week he was almost caught out.

Most people who understand how it works – environmentalists, business leaders, analysts – know the Coalition’s Direct Action policy cannot meet Australia’s promised long-term greenhouse gas reductions exactly as it stands. For years Hunt has reassured them – don’t worry, the framework is there.

In fact, in Paris last December the foreign minister, Julie Bishop, spoke openly about the “role a carbon market might play [in Australia] after 2020”, and Lewis Tyndall, co-founder of GreenCollar – a firm that has been a big winner from Hunt’s Direct Action auctions, told an event: “Greg Hunt has described the safeguards mechanism as a baseline and credit system.”

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– this article waoriginally published on the The Guardian website, 27 May 2016