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Our team includes a range of specialists and experts in their fields, with a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experiences – from scientists and data analysts, to engineers, ecologists and financiers. The common thread amongst everyone who works at GreenCollar is a commitment to our mission to help solve environmental problems by pushing boundaries – respectfully and holistically.

At GreenCollar, it matters to us that each of our colleagues comes to work every day with curiosity, drive and a sense of purpose. We celebrate our collective strengths and our diverse experience because the success of our company is not only based on our mission to value the environment and drive positive impact at scale, but on the people and partners who make it all possible.

I am passionate about discovering what solutions can be found to our climate and biodiversity crises when we bring together modern science, ancient wisdom, local expertise and a shared commitment to nature.
It is incredibly fulfilling to watch a project you contributed to grow and have continued impact long after you have stopped being directly involved. It gives me great optimism about what is possible and motivation to find the next opportunity for innovation.

Anjali NelsonGeneral Manager - Operations

I believe environmental advocacy and technology play a very important role in the world. Advocacy allows to educate change, whereas technology is the tool for education. Advocacy invites all parties to listen to each other’s problems, whereas technology could be looked upon as a mediator to solution.
This is where I find my passion converging with my work. For me, the journey has just begun in connecting a constantly evolving world and constantly evolving technology.

Bipul NeupaneGeospatial Manager

I find the work GreenCollar does exciting and rewarding, but even more important is that I enjoy coming to work, with generous and energetic people. There is a great diversity of people at work, and so I feel as if I am constantly learning about all aspects of life. It didn't take me very long to realise that GreenCollar goals aligned seamlessly with my own. I am deeply interested in seeing how the market settles on the economic value of healthy environments, and which aspects of those environments are valued.

Patrick NicolleProject Technician

I love the fact that the work we do directly affects the supply of carbon credits, and is essential to ensuring the integrity of what we're selling.
I am also a big believer in the value of face-to-face, on-ground interactions with the local stakeholders and communities with which we have the privilege of working.
I grew up spending time in the bush camping and exploring, and this set me up to be passionate about the environment and doing what we can to look after it.

Ehren ThompsonNational Field Program Leader

I believe that the ability to collect data at the project level is powerful in advancing our understanding of land management practices and the positive impacts that changes can have on the climate and local ecosystems. What really motivates me is that at GreenCollar our approach is grounded in science and there is a continual drive to push boundaries and solve environmental problems.

Louise NottHead of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

I love hearing the success stories from our partners on the ground. The stories of animals and birds coming back onto properties, vegetation and soil conditions better than ever, and money flowing back into local economies and keeping families on the land makes the work that much more enjoyable. It's incredibly motivating to know that my day to day is contributing to the fight against climate change, and also supporting regional communities.

Louis ChenProject Partnerships Manager

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