Proud to be a pioneer in new environmental markets across water, biodiversity and plastics

Pioneering new environmental markets across water, biodiversity and plastics.

Major Milestones Reached Over Last 12 years






  • Established world-first pilot projects under Verra’s Plastics Standard in Far North Queensland
  • KKR Global Impact Fund investment announced
  • First Reef Credits issued and sold to HSBC and the Queensland Government


  • Climate Solutions Fund (CSF) committed a further $2bn to the ERF
  • Signed Greening Australia partnership and first Reef Credits expected to be sold
  • Launches plastic credits program feasibility study
  • SA Government tender for carbon projects won
  • Reef Credit Standard and Reef Credit Guide V1 issued
  • Methodology for accounting for reduction in nutrient run-off through managed fertiliser application approved
  • Methodology for accounting for sediment reduction through gully rehabilitation approved


  • GreenCollar deploys Accounting for Nature / biodiversity framework as well as developing partnerships to accelerate growth initiatives
  • Reaches 100 projects
  • Instigates establishment of the voluntary Carbon Industry Code of Conduct and becomes foundation signatory



  • Paris Agreement ratified
  • Forms Catchment Conservation Alliance with QLD Government using HIR methodology
  • Designs Reef Credits program
  • Established MoU with multiple NRMs for community approach to carbon projects
  • Secures largest ERF contract to date of 20Mt
  • Began working with the Major Integrated Project to develop Reef Credits – a new water quality market targeting the Great Barrier Reef



  • Instrumental in advocating for ERF with cross-bench support
  • ERF established with $2.55bn for carbon purchasing
    Becomes major diamond sponsor for the Carbon Market
  • Institute Emissions Reduction Summit, Australasia’s largest carbon industry conference



  • First Over the Counter ACCU transactions sold to Liable Emitters covered by the Clean Energy Act, with over 4m ACCUs sold


  • Carbon Farming Initiative introduced
  • Conducts its first Avoided Deforestation (AD) project generating its first credits. Other projects followed in Human Induced Regeneration (HIR) and soil carbon
  • Only private company to be awarded funding via the Government’s Filling the Research Gap Program


  • Develops methodology for “Improved Forest Management Through Conversion of Logged to Protected Forests”
  • Projects commenced for which credits were created in the future under the Carbon Farming Initiative
  • Sydney’s Environmental Business of the Year