At GreenCollar, the health and happiness of our staff isn’t just a priority – it critically informs the structure of our organisation and the way we do business. Which is why we’re honoured to have been awarded third place in the Agriculture, Mining and Utilities category in the recent AFR Boss Best Place To Work Awards 2021. These awards recognise organisations whose innovative policies and procedures are creating healthier, more diverse and more inclusive workplaces, helping advance and redefine the nature of the modern workplace in a post-pandemic world.

The AFR assesses enterprises against the scientifically proven Workplaces of the Future framework, with categories including flexibility, equality and an organisation’s overarching purpose, designed to measure how motivated and engaged employees are at work.

At GreenCollar, we embrace flexible working conditions to help our staff maintain a conducive work-life balance. We have always worked across regional Australia so implemented our Working Remotely or Working From Home Policy well before COVID-19, with positive flow-on effects improving productivity, business efficiency, and allowing us to access the best talent no matter where they live.

Equality is another core value when it comes to recruitment. We recognise that a diverse and varied workforce is not only an asset to our company, but critical to our long-term success. We celebrate differences in our employees’ background, ideas and experience, and through our transparent and equitable recruitment practices we actively seek to employ people from diverse backgrounds. We are proud to have achieved a 50/50 gender split which is also reflected across our Executive Team. We’re genuinely committed to creating an inclusive and bias-free environment where people can bring their whole authentic selves to work. It’s through feeling valued and respected as individuals that our employees can innovate, collaborate and thrive.

Wellbeing and mental health initiatives are particularly critical to our business. We recognise that our nationally-dispersed team – with many of our employees working in remote locations for extended periods – creates challenges in terms of face-to-face interaction and ongoing mental health. We implemented rigorous mental health training across the business to help ensure employee wellbeing, with our progressive Black Dog Institute training providing our team with a robust workplace mental health toolkit. We have also recently launched a new Employment Assistance Program (EAP), designed to support our team on a daily basis, building resilience skills not just at work, but also at home to support general wellbeing.

At GreenCollar, we charge ourselves with solving the unsolvable – fostering and developing new environmental markets through collaboration and perpetual innovation. We apply these same core principles to our thriving business culture. We’re thrilled to have been recognised by the AFR awards for creating a workplace where staff genuinely love coming to work each day.