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As Australia’s largest environmental markets project developer and investor, GreenCollar is proud to be a major player in four core nature-based pathways that achieve positive environmental impact at scale in both the Australian and global market. Our business model treats every engagement as a partnership to find the greatest value for our customers. We work with our customers to co-develop carbon, water, nature and plastics solutions that are tailored to your business and your specific requirements and expectations.

Led by an experienced domestic and global team of project development and origination experts, our experience enables us to create innovative solutions that align with your vision and brand.

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We offer independently verified credits for companies committed to investing in carbon, plastic, water and nature, and seeking high quality, high integrity and high impact credits to help reach their organisational goals.

Invest in agricultural carbon credits that sponsor land managers, farmers and Traditional Owners who adopt land management practices that enhance agricultural productivity whilst storing carbon in vegetation and soil, as well as provide other environmental, social and economic benefits to the land manager and greater community.

Invest in measured, meaningful, independently verified biodiversity outcomes that will be certified in accordance with the Accounting for Nature® Standard. GreenCollar’s nature positive products will recognise and reward land managers who proactively support ecosystem health.

Reach water quality targets or achieve corporate ESG or compliance outcomes, by investing in Reef Credits. The revenue generated from Reef Credits pays land managers for improved water quality resulting from on-farm actions, without compromising productivity of the land.

Address corporate plastic footprint by purchasing plastic credits, in a new voluntary market that collects and recycles waste from the environment and rewards farmers for adopting new waste management strategies. Plastic waste is measured, reported and third-party verified to create plastic credits under the Verra Plastic Standard.

How it works

Environmental credits production

GreenCollar works with landholders across Australia and overseas to implement land management changes on eligible properties. These projects use proprietary business processes and models to produce high-quality, high integrity credits.

Curated portfolio offering

We create a tailored portfolio of environmental offsets based on your procurement needs. Our nature-based pathways include carbon, nature, water and plastic credits. All credits sourced outside our own origination portfolio are subject to our proprietary due diligence framework, which has been developed based on our extensive global origination experience.

Strategy and branding

GreenCollar can jointly develop your firm's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy and create branding and marketing materials to communicate environmental stewardship commitments.


Credits are delivered based on agreed pricing and terms.

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