Our Team

Our talented and experienced team are committed to designing appropriate, individual projects.

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We possess full end-to-end, in-house expertise in the development, management, legal and technical implementation of commercial environmental projects. We are dedicated to going above and beyond routine compliance to deliver high quality high integrity and high impact outcomes.


James Schultz

Cathy Harris

Brendan Foran

Michael Hudgin


Mara Bun

Christopher Metrakos

Juanita Hamparsum


Executive Team

Our executive team comprises recognised leaders in their fields and includes:

James Schultz

Chief Executive Officer

Lewis Tyndall


Alicia Kennedy

Chief Operating Officer

Pierre Josset

Chief Strategy Officer


Nerida Bradley

Chief Impact Officer

Dave Moore

Chief Commercial Officer

Neil Hereford

Chief Investment Officer

Jonathan Schultz

Chief Carbon Officer


Dr Jenny Sinclair

Chief Scientist

Anjali Nelson

General Manager - New Initiatives

Cathy Waters

Head of Science

Bob O’Sullivan

Head of International Supply


Elyce Coluccio

Head of International Safeguards Risk

Bjorn Everts

Head of Nature

Bart Dryden

Head of Water

Carole Sweatman

Senior Water Advisor


Dr Tim Pearson

Head of International Tech

Maria Lytsioulis

Head of Human Resources

Emily Sturman

Company Secretary & Corporate Counsel

Brinsley Marlay

Media & Communications Manager


Your team on the ground

Our regional origination teams manage new project opportunities and work closely with land managers and on-ground organisations to develop healthy and collaborative stakeholder relationships. Their key focus is working with land managers to develop projects that deliver great outcomes for your business

James Leigo

Head of Business Development and NSW Business Development Manager

Mark Lincoln

QLD Lead and Senior Business Development Manager

Saul Clough

QLD Business Development Manager

Tristan Robertson

Business Development Manager (Reef Credits)


Kate Byrne

WA / SA / NT Business Development Manager

Marian Wilson

Indigenous Partnerships

Nadia Donnan

Indigenous Partnerships

Renae Jory

Indigenous Partnerships Specialist


Fergal O’Gara

NT Representative


Our Partnerships team

Our partnerships team manage our valued client relationships throughout the development and delivery of projects. The team work closely with land managers to coordinate and manage analysis of potential projects against eligibility criteria, project registrations, eligible interest holder consents, and ongoing management of projects throughout their lifecycle.

Elissa Black

Head of Portfolio

Sebastien Blavier

Head of Portfolio Operations

Louise Nott

Head of Portfolio

Madeleine Wilcox-Kerr

Program Manager - Project Partnerships


Ellen Cox

Project Partnerships Manager

Gabby Suares

Project Partnerships Manager

Steve Davies

Project Partnerships Manager

Lillian Buchholz

Project Partnerships Specialist


Rohan Cleeves

Project Partnerships Specialist

Hudson Hood Withey

Project Partnerships Specialist