GreenCollar’s commitment to Indigenous communities

As a purpose-led business we have made a commitment to:


  • Engage openly with Traditional Owners and communities.
  • Work to the highest standards of free, prior, and informed consent.
  • Work in partnership, to understand how our projects can best align with Traditional Owner’s aspirations.
  • Be transparent and share information about our projects and operations.
  • Ensure care and protection of cultural assets and information.
  • Double our engagement with Indigenous led businesses every year.

Engagement with Indigenous Communities


Our corporate commitments to Indigenous communities underpins everything we do including:


  • Engaging with communities and Traditional Owners to raise awareness about carbon farming generally as well as about specific carbon farming opportunities.
  • Incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge into project design, development and delivery.
  • Seeking consent of Native Title holders to carbon farming projects on pastoral leases
  • Co-developing carbon farming projects with Traditional Owners across various methods
  • Building co-investment and climate finance opportunities for Traditional Owners and Indigenous communities
  • Jobs, skills and training opportunities through support for existing and evolving programmes.
Pathways to drive climate finance directly to Indigenous Peoples, traditional owners, and local communities


GreenCollar is a facilitating partner of the Peoples Forests Partnership (PFP), an industry first coalition that aims to mobilise private investment in community-driven forest conservation and restoration projects and set a high standard for equitable, accessible and culturally appropriate mechanisms through which Indigenous Peoples, traditional owners and local communities can engage with climate finance.
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