Sydney, NSW 12 November 2015

GreenCollar is happy to announce its successful participation in the 2nd Emissions Reduction Fund Auction with results announced today.

GreenCollar is an environmental markets advisor and investor who have been active in Emissions Reduction Fund formally known as the Carbon Farming Initiative since its inception in 2010.

As the largest participant in the Emissions Reduction Fund since its establishment, GreenCollar assists farmers, primary producers and landowners to realise economic, environmental and productive outcomes through participation in environmental markets such as carbon and other ecosystem services.

GreenCollar has been particularly focused on the development of Native Forest Protection and Ecosystem Restoration projects which have significant climate change and biodiversity benefits.  Projects contracted today are contributing close to 7 million tonnes of abatement to carbon emissions mitigation efforts.

This makes GreenCollar the Emissions Reduction Funds largest participant for the second consecutive auction and brings GreenCollar’s overall emissions reduction contribution to above 27 million tonnes of abated carbon emissions.

GreenCollar CEO James Schultz stated “The auction result is another positive outcome for rural and regional Australia and the environmental outcomes we are trying to achieve”.

GreenCollar Director and co-founder Lewis Tyndall explained “todays auction result has attracted strong competition from a diversity of industries, in what can only be seen as a positive next step for Australia heading into Paris”.

Today’s result was a great success for the landholders and farmers participating in the scheme. 

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