GreenCollar promotes best practice, becoming the first signatory to the Carbon Industry Code of Conduct.

With industry leading Australia’s response to climate change, it needs a code of conduct to ensure integrity and trust, according to GreenCollar, the country’s largest environmental markets developer and investor.

GreenCollar was instrumental in proposing the code over 2 years ago and as co-founder and CEO, James Schultz explains, the company is proud to both play a positive role in Australia’s response to climate change and to be the first signatory to the Code.

 “Like most industries, economists and NGOs, we advocate a market approach to climate change as the most efficient way to deliver the Paris Agreement”

“That means we need an independently administered code of conduct to drive industry best practice, build market integrity, ensure consumer protection and build trust with stakeholders, including Native Title holders, natural resource management bodies, land managers and project owners”.

The Carbon Industry Code of Conduct was launched by the Carbon Market Institute during last week’s Carbon farming Industry forum hosted by the Queensland Government.

Signatories to the code commit to developing and conducting their business in line with industry best practice, interacting with their clients and other stakeholders in a professional and ethical manner and most importantly get audited as a result.

The code was originally conceived to ensure land sector projects (storing carbon in vegetation and soils) delivered social, economic and other environmental co-benefits such as diversifying farm income, boosting regional economies and enhancing biodiversity.

However it quickly expanded to cover all projects funded by government’s Emissions Reduction Fund and by the voluntary carbon market.

“Land sector carbon is another commodity, no different to cattle or crops, but is unique in its ability to deliver massive environmental, social and economic benefits as well,” Mr Schultz said.

“Offsets are recognised globally as being an essential component in any climate policy, offsetting the residual impact for industries unable to reduce emissions fast enough to meet the Paris targets”, Mr Schultz said.  

Find out more about the Carbon Industry Code of Conduct here.

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