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What is carbon farming?

Carbon farming means managing the land in a way that allows carbon to be stored in healthy bush and Country. Running a carbon project involves committing to manage Country a certain way to avoid the emissions released by hot dry season wildfires or allowing bush to regenerate and come
back to health. Carbon credits are earned for the carbon emission that are avoided or for the carbon stored in healthy Country. Credits can be sold to generate income and money reinvested to look after Country and Communities.

Talking Carbon: How Regeneration Projects work

Native Regeneration Projects Explained with our Head of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification, Louise Nott.

South Australian Conservation Alliance Site #2

GreenCollar has entered into a 25 year partnership with the Gawler Ranges Aboriginal Corporation and Nature Foundation to restore country on Hiltaba, South Australia.

Carbon farming contributing to healthy country

Filming on Yinggarda Country, we interview Traditional Owner Kath Ryan to talk about how carbon farming can contribute to rebuilding healthy Country.

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Carbon Farming for Traditional Owners

Carbon farming means managing the land in a way that allows carbon to be stored in the bush and the Country. Find out more about how our projects allow bush to regenerate and come back to health.


NaturePlus™ is a world-first biodiversity credit scheme that enables scalable voluntary investment to be targeted at projects that deliver real, measurable and verifiable
results for biodiversity.

Working with GreenCollar on a project has been an opportunity for us to move forward with the times and think about the future as well. I’m proud to say that I’m happy to be part of it. We’re looking after Country and keeping it safe.

Leslee Warrior, Traditional Owner and Former Director,Gawler Ranges Aboriginal Corporation, South Australia

Carbon farming for me, is about getting our Country back to the lush, beautiful Country it used to be.

Kath RyanYinggarda Elder, Western Australia

More than just carbon

GreenCollar is leading the development of emerging ways to value all natural assets and deliver benefits to all those with a stake in the health of our environment. NaturePlus™ is a world-first biodiversity credit scheme that delivers measured and validated habitat or species restoration or conservation. It is designed to stop and reverse native habitat and species loss to achieve positive outcomes for nature.

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Changing the way Country is managed to create a range of social, cultural, economic, and environmental outcomes.

GreenCollar works in partnership with farmers, Graziers, Traditional Owners and other land managers to value natural capital and improve land health.

We are committed to the highest standards of free, prior and informed consent, and have a dedicated Indigenous Engagement team who work closely with Traditional Owners to facilitate knowledge exchange and understand how our projects can best align with aspirations for Country.

We value transparency, aiming to work in partnership with landholders and Traditional Owners to deliver good economic and environmental outcomes while protecting cultural assets and traditional knowledge.

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