Sydney, NSW – 9 March 2016

GreenCollar is pleased to announce the successful submission of the Maranoa Ecosystem Conservation Project. It is the first project to be implemented in Australia using the Avoided Clearing of native regrowth Method under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

The Maranoa Ecosystem Conservation Project is the first avoided clearing project to be implemented in Queensland. The project protects over 5,000 ha of forest at threat of being cleared, providing ecosystem connectivity between the Chesterton Range and the Maranoa River.

This is another first for GreenCollar who implemented the premier Avoided Deforestation project in Australia under the Commonwealths Carbon Farming Initiative.

GreenCollar’s Maranoa Ecosystem Conservation Project sits in a high conservation value zone as recognized by the Queensland Governments Strategic Offsets Investment Corridor (SOIC) and is an identified Priority 1 Conservation Hub.

GreenCollar CEO James Schultz explained, “By protecting and enhancing large tracts of native vegetation and habitat in Queensland’s high conservation value zones, GreenCollar aims to improve long term viability of threatened ecosystems, species and the services they provide”.

“Furthermore the project aims to provide a mosaic landscape for optimal environmental and agricultural outcomes”.

Co-Founder Lewis Tyndall explained, “ Todays announcement exemplifies GreenCollar’s commitment to innovative solutions that achieve high conservation values whilst also tackling climate change”

About GreenCollar

GreenCollar is leading Australia, and the world, in providing an environmental markets-based approach to climate change. The company is a highly regarded investor in Environmental markets and advisor to Government bodies, NGOs and research groups involved in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. GreenCollar have project managed some of the world’s largest sustainable land management and carbon forestry projects across Australia, South-East Asia, the Pacific & Africa.

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