SYDNEY, 14 February 2014 – GCS is pleased to announce the approval of its latest  Native Forest Protection projects under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).

The declaration of the projects  by the Clean Energy Regulator is yet another key milestone in the growing carbon farming sector and another milestone for the GreenCollar Group and GCS, which is leading the way in the CFI land management sector.

“This marks a watershed moment for leasehold properties and we look forward to more projects now that the pathway is open. The approval follows 12 months of hard work by GCS and Western Lands to put in place the policies to make such approvals possible,” said Lewis Tyndall, Director of Legal and Compliance at GCS.

Native Forest Protection projects involve the sustainable management of forestry and agricultural projects for the purposes of generating carbon credits under the CFI.

Farmers are able to continue grazing, but will receive additional income by managing the farm in such a way as to also protect and optimize carbon stocks in native eucalypt and cypress forests.

“Approval for our latest and first of a kind project comes just weeks after we were issued the first ever Australian carbon credit units for the first native forestry protection project under the CFI, the Horse Ridges Native Forest project,” said James Schultz, CEO of GCS.

GCS has been a leader in Native Forest Protection and the CFI since its inception.

“We authored the first improved forest management methodology applied in Australia for the purpose of generating carbon credits through changing logging practices,” Schultz said.

“We also authored the first and only Native Forest Protection methodology approved under the CFI which make these projects possible.”

For more information on Native Forest Protection and the CFI please call 02 8021 4300