Project Information

Conlea Native Forest Protection Project

Avoided Deforestation

Before deciding to implement not one, but two carbon projects at Conlea, Peter Johnston thought long and hard about whether running a project would enhance or hinder his cattle enterprise.

If he hadn’t decided to stop clearing native forest and regenerate suppressed vegetation, Peter would have absolutely continued down the path of clearing land for grazing. “You toss-up which situation might work out, and we’ve made the right decision,” he says.

That decision has seen Peter become responsible for the management of over 6,500 hectares of established native forest, and is now regenerating and additional 12,000 hectares alongside his livestock, which he rotates on and off the project areas to manage grazing pressure.

Peter says the changes he’s made to his land management to account for the projects has delivered significant benefits for the land and his business. “The amount of regrowth since we started the project is huge,” he says. “We had to move our stock off during the drought, but the speed with which the ground cover came back was amazing. We’ve been able to bring them back and keep them here ever since.”

The carbon project has also funded material purchases for ongoing fencing on Conlea and helped Peter invest in another property.

Key Benefits

Carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change
Protection and regeneration of native vegetation and habitat
Investment in farm infrastructure such as fencing
Increased drought resilience and faster recovery post-drought
Business expansion

UN Sustainable
Development Goals



Avoided Deforestation 1.1 Methodology Determination 2015

Registered ID

Date registered

May 2018

Project area

6,694 ha


100 years


Bourke Shire, NSW


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