Project Information

Darling River Conservation Initiative – Site #8

Human Induced Regeneration

Everdale lies west south west of Cobar, NSW, in the Cobar Shire. The property is Site #8 in the Darling River Conservation Initiative and is approximately 14,601 hectares in size.

Everdale is characterised by relatively flat terrain consisting of soft red sandy soils, ranging from open shrublands interspersed by watercourses, to mulga ridge type country.

Since the beginning of the project, the owners have undertaken many improvements to their property, including:

  • Installation of TGP fencing to subdivide paddock
  • Removal of 789 feral goats from the property
  • The landholders also have made plans to install and repair infrastructure (fence lines, trap yards, watering points, fire breaks) to assist in the management of livestock grazing and feral animals

The Everdale Human-Induced Regeneration carbon Project promotes the regeneration of over 5,000 hectares of acacia woodland and eucalypt forest. These ecological communities support some of Australia’s most iconic species and promote ecosystem services, biodiversity and carbon stocks in the Western Division of NSW.

Key Benefits

Carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change
Delivers important ecosystem services for the area
Promotes biodiversity
Supports infrastructure upgrades including new water points, fencing and yards
Enables management changes and land regeneration
Supports feral animal population management

UN Sustainable
Development Goals



Human-Induced Regeneration of a Permanent Even-Aged Native Forest – 1.1 Methodology Determination 2013

Registered ID

Date registered

May 2019

Project area

5,342 ha




Cobar, NSW


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