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Etiwanda Native Forest Protection Project

Avoided Deforestation

When asked about their carbon project, Andrew and Megan Mosely are quick to point out that it’s been so much more than just a carbon project. For their Cobar-based grazing business, it’s been a complete game changer.

By committing to protect just over 2,000ha of native vegetation, the Moselys have been able to fast-track improvements in infrastructure and land condition by up to 10 years. The additional cash flow carbon has brought into their enterprise has transformed their property from eight large-scale paddocks to 35, allowing rotational grazing and the introduction of rest periods for the land.

The Moselys say the rest periods have been a huge advantage during periods of drought as they can manage perennial grasses and groundcover, which has left them with up to twice as much biomass as they had seen previously.

What’s more, the carbon project has inspired a new generation of farmers by enabling the Moselys to send their girls to boarding school in Orange, where they’ve developed a taste for agriculture having seen the success of their family businesses.

“The key for us has been the cash flow benefits, but in turn that has given us a much healthier landscape and numerous productivity benefits,” the Moselys said.

Key Benefits

Carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change
Protection of native forest and natural habitat for 100 years
Supporting infrastructure upgrades and fast-tracking business development
Increases in groundcover and productivity
Healthier landscape
Drought resilience

UN Sustainable
Development Goals



Avoided Deforestation 1.1 Methodology Determination 2015

Registered ID

Date registered

June 2014

Project area

2,268 ha


100 yrs


Cobar, NSW


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