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Maranoa Ecosystem Conservation Project #2

Avoided Clearing

For the landholders of Abbieglassie in Maranoa, Queensland, the Maranoa Ecosystem Conservation Project came at just the right time, coinciding with the start of a drought in 2016. Their decision to commit to not clearing the carbon project area provided the business with a drought-proof income that allowed them to pay bills and push ahead with infrastructure upgrades using locally sourced labour and materials.

In addition to supporting the business and the local community, the requirements of the project have made the landholders more conscious of proactive management, increasing regularity of firebreak checks and carefully monitoring and managing regrowth on the property.

Having been able to go easy on the land during the drought, now that it has broken there has been plenty of regeneration and regrowth at Abbieglassie. Increased grass coverage has led to even better water retention and land condition and with all this regrowing vegetation, native wildlife has also returned to the property.

Key Benefits

Sequesters carbon to mitigate climate change
Regeneration of native vegetation and protection of habitat for 25 years
Improving sustainable land management practices and supporting a productive agricultural enterprise
Infrastructure upgrades including grading firebreaks
Improved financial security and business resilience
Improved land condition and drought resilience
Increased biodiversity

UN Sustainable
Development Goals



Avoided Clearing of Native Regrowth Methodology Determination 2015

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Date registered

April 2016

Project area





Maranoa, QLD


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