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Noona Station Native Forest Protection Project

Avoided Deforestation

In 2019, when Marc and Jo Griffiths took over Noona Station in Cobar, New South Wales, it already had an established carbon project. At the time, the pair had little knowledge of carbon farming and sequestration but they came in with open minds.

The carbon contract provided the Griffiths with an additional, reliable income stream and added financial security, but it also aligned with their own vision of responsible agriculture and land ownership, which sees environmental outcomes balanced with primary production.

As a result of the project, the Griffiths have built 15km of fencing, improving livestock management and injecting money into their own community by hiring local labour and buying materials locally.

Having experienced the benefits of carbon farming first hand, the Griffiths say they would happily take on other carbon farming ventures if given the opportunity.

Key Benefits

Carbon abatement & sequestration to mitigate climate change
Protection and management of native forest for 100 years
Infrastructure upgrades including fencing
Investment in the local economy and job creation

UN Sustainable
Development Goals



Avoided Deforestation 1.1 Methodology Determination 2015

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April 2015

Project area



100 yrs


Cobar, NSW


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