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Tallering Station Human Induced Regeneration Project

Human Induced Regeneration

Tallering Station is an old sheep station in remote WA with a rich and long history. Part of the vast Australian Rangelands, Tallering was first used for grazing in the 1860s and construction of the homestead, which still stands today, began in 1903. Managed by the Alan Hamilton since 2017, Tallering is now a thriving cattle station and home to over 75,500ha of regenerating native forest.

Unfortunately, close to 200 years of grazing had taken its toll on the land and in 2014 the Department of Agriculture and Food Rangeland Condition Assessment pronounced Tallering as suffering from unduly high and sustained impact from goats and sheep and reported unacceptably high rates of mature Acacia death. Alan decided to take action, establishing a Human-Induced Regeneration Project in 2017 to regenerate over 75,000ha of native shrubland and forest.

Now, Mulga shrublands, Cypress patches and Hakea woodlands are being re-established. The additional income will enable restoration of aged fence lines, helping reduce feral animal pressure, and Alan has plans to upgrade a large number of water points to assist with mustering and feral animal removal as the project progresses.

Over time the project will provide much needed habitat for endangered and critically endangered native species in the region as well as aiding restoration of some of the most at-risk landscapes in Australia.

Key Benefits

Carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change
Delivers important ecosystem services for the area
Promotes biodiversity
Regenerates native habitat, supporting endangered species
Regeneration of ‘at risk’ landscapes
Supports infrastructure upgrades including new fencing and water points
Supports feral animal population management
Delivers investment in the local community

UN Sustainable
Development Goals



Human-Induced Regeneration of a Permanent Even-Aged Native Forest – 1.1 Methodology Determination 2013

Registered ID

Date registered

May 2018

Project area

126,609 ha


25 yrs


Mullewa, Western Australia


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