Graham Lloyd

Environment Editor, Sydney

The Australian

October 19, 2017

Like a disoriented traveller, dehydrated and lost in the desert, Australia’s energy policy has taken a long, torturous journey to arrive battered and bruised back where it all began.

For all the wealth destruction and political energy that has been spent along the way, mirage after mirage has evaporated into false hope: emissions trading, a carbon pollution reduction scheme, a ­carbon tax, renewable energy ­target, clean energy target and now the National Energy Guarantee that ­appears to have an emissions trading scheme planted firmly at its heart.

Energy policy gymnastics have spanned two decades and claimed three prime ministers. Along the way a frantic shift to renewables has imperilled electricity system reliability and helped to send ­prices soaring, hurting households and forcing industry to relocate and businesses to close.

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 – this article waoriginally published on the The Australian website, 19 October 2017