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The Guardian: Australia signs up for clear carbon trading rules, hinting at policy change

By Lenore Taylor
The Guardian
December 10, 2015

Australia has signed a Paris declaration calling for new clear rules for international carbon trading in a signal the Coalition’s six-year carbon pricing policy veto could be softening as it prepares to review its climate policy in 2017.

Foreign minister Julie Bishop, who signed the declaration in Paris, said it was in Australia’s interests to recognise the role an international carbon market might play in reducing emissions after 2020.

On the first day of the talks the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and six heads of state launched the carbon pricing leadership coalition, which called on all countries to start pricing carbon pollution. The coalition includes more than 90 businesses and non government organisations.

Lewis Tyndall, co-founder of GreenCollar – a firm that has been a big winner from the government’s Direct Action auctions, told the same event: “Greg Hunt has described the safeguards mechanism as a baseline and credit system … everybody is saying we should have a carbon markets of some kind, from a tax to baseline and credit system to an emissions trading scheme, and we agree.”

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 – this article waoriginally published on The Guardian website, 10 December 2015 

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