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20th of April, 2018

Media Release: Door opens for WA carbon projects

GreenCollar welcomes an announcement made on Wednesday by the McGowan Government that the State of Western Australia is now unlocking the potential for Western Australian pastoralists to undertake carbon projects on their lands. 

CEO James Schultz said “It is fantastic to see the Western Australian Government clarify its approach to carbon projects on pastoral leases in WA. We have been working with pastoralists and the Government to help unlock the potential income from carbon projects in WA and to assist in the regeneration of pastoral land across the state. We are pleased that we can now put forward our Western Australian projects for approval by the Government”.

GreenCollar is Australia’s largest project developer with over 62 million ACCUs contracted to the Commonwealth Government under the Emissions Reduction Fund. 

GreenCollar Director, Lewis Tyndall, said “We have been actively developing projects in Western Australia since 2012 and have recently added additional staff to our experienced project development team with a specific focus on WA. GreenCollar’s approach is to view carbon as a part of the whole of farm management strategy and to partner with pastoralists over the long term to ensure the project provides the best outcomes for the business and the natural capital of the land”.

On Wednesday, the McGowan Government provided in-principle backing for Western Australian pastoralists wanting to unlock the carbon potential of their lands. The State will back a number of pilot sequestration offset projects by pastoralists, which focus on grazing strategies that increase regeneration of native vegetation and in the process extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

“GreenCollar is the leading developer of vegetation based carbon projects across Australia, with projects registered in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia comprising over 4 million hectares of land under management” said CEO Mr. James Schultz. “We expect this announcement will allow us to advance a number of iconic projects that we have been developing over the last few years and anticipate announcing the progress of these projects in the coming weeks” he added.

For landholders interested in Carbon Farming projects in Western Australia please contact Jonathan Schultz, SA/WA Business Manager.

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