GreenCollar is pleased to announce its successful participation in the first Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction, which was finalised yesterday.

GreenCollar is an environmental markets advisor and investor who has been active in the Carbon Farming Initiative since its inception in 2010. We assist farmers, primary producers and landowners to realise economic, environmental and productive outcomes through participation in markets such as the carbon market.

GreenCollar has been particularly focused on the development of Native Forest Protection and regeneration projects, which have significant climate change and biodiversity benefits. Projects contracted yesterday are contributing to the total 47 million tonnes of carbon abatement through the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Yesterday’s result was a great success for landholders and farmers participating in the scheme.  The result provides much need certainty.

Based in Sydney, GreenCollar Group includes natural resource and environmental services advisory GCS and environmental markets and natural resource management investor TerraCarbon.