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James Leigo

Mobile +61 (0) 400 376 999

[email protected]

James joined GreenCollar in 2017 to manage new project development in New South Wales. James is a founding member of the Greencollar executive team and also oversees the national new project development portfolio as Head of Origination. James has been a key member in driving the concept behind Greencollars Biodiversity Credit offering. James specialises in Human Induced Regeneration projects in rangeland areas. He has a background in natural resource management and is passionate about triple-bottom-line agricultural management. James is based near Condobolin and has grazing properties in Western NSW. He understands the complexities of managing rangeland grazing enterprises and enjoys helping land managers to recognise and develop carbon farming opportunities on their properties. James runs a successful livestock business in partnership with his wife on properties located near Wanaaring and Condobolin in NSW. His grazing business is focused on high quality low input lamb and beef production. James believes regenerative agriculture is the key to future food stability and resource protection. James also believes that environmental services and valuing the environment is critical to the future of the world’s economy and the human race. He has a passion for the natural environment and change management. James enjoys sharing life’s experiences, with his wife, Danielle, and three energetic children Ruby, Marcus and Samuel.

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