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Wide, brown land becomes a home to carbon farming

Wide, brown land becomes a home to carbon farming

By Tom Arup
Environment editor, The Age
August 17, 2014

On Peter Yench’s sheep farm the bulldozers are ready. When they surge forward, trees will be ripped from the earth, clearing the land for grazing and crops.

Elsewhere another vast stretch of sparse, dry native forest stands on Mr Yench’s land. It is hardly the Daintree, but like all forests it is a sink for carbon dioxide. If it too is brought down then the CO2 stored in the trees will be released, exacerbating climate change.

Mr Yench holds a permit to clear on his western NSW properties, Bulgoo Station and The Meadows. Traditionally the more land a grazier could clear the more sheep they could run, bolstering their economic return.

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 – this article waoriginally published on the The Age website, 17 August 2014 

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